Social Media Marketing

Social Media may seem like all fun and games from the outside, but the truth is every single post, like and comment should be a strategic move towards your marketing goals. We will work closely with you to strategize where you want to go, and what you want to see.

Here are our services broken down:

services-content-strategy-300Social Strategy – Personalized strategy to best suit your company and your goals

services-social-media-marketing-300Social Media Management – daily, weekly and monthly posts throughout each chosen social media outlet (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

services-branding-servicesSocial Branding – Creating and streamlining logos, graphics, and icons consistently across all social media platforms

services-email-marketing-300Email Marketing – Letting your clients and potential clients know what promotions and exciting changes are happening through scheduled email

services-mobile-marketing-300Local SEO – Making sure your company is easy to find in local searches across all media platforms including mobiles, tablets, and desktops

services-seo-copyrighting-300Content Creation – Blog posts and website content creation strategically written to enhance SEO