Mercury Web Template – HTML5/CSS3

Check out this great new template from Project VII. Mercury is designed using modern CSS methods that enable effects like rounded corners, shadows (inner and outer), and gradients to be created without having to use images. It also uses font embedding technology to display custom fonts for headings and menus. In fact, the Mercury logo is pure text with is a great advantage when your site is indexed by search engines.

It’s especially cool the way the pages slide in from the side, this template embodies all that is HTML 5 and CSS 5. Mercury is a single-page Web site, a design approach that works very well for sites that would comprise three to six traditional pages of closely related content. A brochure site for an artist, entertainer, movie, author, or a typical restaurant would work very well. Landing pages for short-term promotions, offers and contests would too. Well done Project VII.

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