Hopscotch 4 Hope: A Hopping Success

Organizers of this event can be very proud of an outstandingly, hoppingly successful Hopscotch 4 Hope event yesterday in Eden Mills. Thanks to Linda Melnick, Dr. Laura Brown, and their wonderful daughters for inviting me to participate in this important and worth while fundraising event. It was an honour. Speakers for “Free the Children” and “Right to Play” were very engaging and brought a tear to my eye when I realized just how devastating is the suffering of children around the world and that child slavery is a reality in many countries.

Special thanks to personal trainer Margaret Iutzi or “Fit To Be Tried” in Rockwood for coming out and supporting me during my cold and windy 5.5K run of the hopscotch course.

Thanks also to my friend and associate, Josh Rivers for donating his time and his talents for the cause. Josh spent the day drawing caricatures of children at the event. (see below) Josh was I collaborated on the logo design and branding for the Hopscotch 4 Hop event.

We were very proud to be a part of this event, not only as a local business, but as a member of the community. It was inspirational to see what come from the great efforts of a few hard working kids, with the support of their families. Congratulation to everyone. Hope to see you all again next year!

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