Wicked Fickin’ Awesome Parallax One Page Themes

Parallax one page themes are a wicked fickin’ awesome way to pump up your web presence. These themes are very current and cutting edge, bringing animations and cool sliding effects to data driven sites. I had to google parrallax and found this definition on wiki but it means objects moving in different direction at different speeds. It really works well to bring movement and interest your web design. Read More


5 Great Responsive WordPress Themes

Everyone is asking for a website that will look good and function across a variety of devices including a large computer screen, a laptop, an ipad (vertical and horizontal), all the way down to your smart phone. This is called Responsive Web Design.  Responsive web design is act of developing a website that morphs to fit the device its being viewed on. Here’s some Q and A courtesy of Linkweb.ca and some great examples of Responsive WordPress themes if you are thing of updating your site. 🙂 Read More


Hello Drupal Commerce!

Well, I just installed my first Drupal site. Sometimes WordPress is just not enough for a full function ecommerce shopping site. My long time client Delta Scientific requires a new site for the aalamps.com division of Delta with it’s own separate shopping site. This is an international site requiring all the bells and whistles including taxes, shipping, discounts and membership area.

I’m planning on using drupal 7 with the ecommerce plugin both of which have great learning resources on lynda.com. Like most CMS (content management systems) which are data base driven, installation on the server is the most challenging part. Many thanks to Gary Ooserhuis (linkweb.ca) who keeps our servers optimized for these applications and provides support during the installation.

Oct. 12/12: Things are going well with the Drupal site, wanted to add that the Drupal Commerce Kick-start Distribution requires a new, clean installation so installing it on an existing site is virtually impossible for a beginner. Since my site is still in development I decided to install the application in a subfolder and when it’s up and running move it to the root directory. And I’m tracking this progress as much for myself and future installs but if it helps someone down the road, it’s all good. Set up my account @ drupalcommerce.org, posted a question and the guys from commerce guys posted a response same day. So important when learning a new software to have support from the developers, this is a very good sign and I’m confident my store will be a success.