Moving WordPress with WP Migrate DB

Recently I found myself charged with moving a dozen wordpress installations to a new web hosting server. Even though I have installed WordPress many, many times, the thought of moving the database of a live website leaves me feeling very anxious but with the help of plug called WP Migrate DB and following these steps you will be moving your wordpress database with confidence. Read More


Best tips for making a memorable WordPress site.

Someone said to me recently they wouldn’t consider a WordPress site because they all look the same … and many web design companies don’t offer a WordPress site because then how could they justify charging thousands of dollars for a site that only begins to function like WordPress (for free) out of the box.

First let me just say, I understand how most WP sites include header and footer sections, with content and sidebar in the middle. This is a tried and true web page layout that functions well with search engines. A web layout with logo in the top left header with contact info in the header right will return higher search engine rankings than a graphic homepage with little or no plain text content for google to index. Read More

Whiteboard Animation via VideoScribe

I made this whiteboard animation to introduce my clients new social media site “Fogeys Cove”. The illustrations are by Josh Rivers and narration by Susan Alexander. I used software called video scribe by sparkol. It’s a great way to tell your story and sell your product or service. Adding a video to your website will boost your search engine rankings!