Top 10 Ways To Get More Traffic

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This is a great article from the wordpress site that I wanted to share with my wordpress peeps and wanted to have it on hand for myself. It's by Scott Berkun | URL:  As soon as a blogger publishes their first post, their first question is: Where’s all my traffic? Everyone assumes they’re the [...]

Backing Up Your WordPress Website

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With 12% of all websites on the internet powered by Wordpress it definitely proves how powerful and popular this open source (free) content management system really is. The down side is that is now Wordpress is the most targeted for spam and malicious virus. The best way to protect your website from is to keep [...]

People Are People Too by Josh Rivers

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Awesome new artwork from my friend and associate Josh Rivers. The boy and girl illustrations were inspired by his recent trip to Toronto when had the opportunity to take in the culture and do some people watching. So great to see his own unique style emerging with these fictional characters. About the Artwork - by [...]