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NextPage Publishing is a graphic design and web publishing boutique, located in the village of Rockwood, bordering on Milton, Ontario. We specializing in developing your brand personality from your logo, to your print marketing campaign, to your web presence.

NextPage PublishingI’m Annette (Grittani) Kalapaca and I founded NextPage in 1993. I have over 10 years experience in web development, with dozens of sites to my credit, as well as 30 years’ experience as a graphic designer. I have expert skills with Adobe Creative Collection both print and web software. I continue to be inspired where creativity meets technology.

Wordpress ExpressIn 2012 WordPress Express was born, the first child company of NextPage. It was love at first sight when I discovered WordPress. It is the perfect web publishing platform to focus my creative energy and apply the technical skills and experience gained over my lifelong career in the print and web publishing industries.

CliQ Online In 2015 CliQ Online was born, the second child company of NextPage. I’m very proud to partner with my beautiful and brilliant niece, Kaelah Russell on this new venture. CliQ Online offers expert digital marketing services including Social Strategies, Social Media Management, Social Branding, Email Marketing, Local SEO and Content Creation.

Kaelah Russell

Kaelah Russell

Kaelah is a Graduate from The University of Ottawa with a Bachelor’s degree, and a Post Graduate Certificate from Sheridan College in Corporate Communications, Kaelah’s strengths are in writing, and social media management. Having written blogs for 5+ years, Kaelah knows what to say, and how to say it. She is an expert when it comes to social media, keeping up with current trends and constantly learning new and innovative styles of marketing. Her strong educational background combined with her sales, marketing, and writing experience, make her a star when it comes to branding your company online.

We Specialize in WordPress … WordPress is your affordable solution to quick and effective integration of the greatest content management on earth. We specialize in installation, customization, search engine optimization (SEO), social media integration & other services. Choose from dozens of beautiful, functional, premium themes and customize to reflect your brand personality. We like to say that “WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.”